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Uma palavrinha pra todos esses que insistem em ser o que não são* Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Posted by Ágata in Poesia.
it is quite easy to appear modern
while in reality being the biggest damnfool ever born;
I know: I have gotten away with some awful stuff
but not nearly such awful pot as I read in the journals;
I have an honesty self-born of whores and hospitals
that will not allow me to pretend to be
something which I am not
which is a double failure: the failure of people
in poetry
and the failure of people
in life.
and when you fail in poetry
you fail life,
and when you fail life
you were never born
no matter what the statistics
or what your mother named you.
the grandstands are crowded with the dead
screaming for a winner
wanting a number to carry them over
into living
but it is not as easy as that –
just as with the poem:
if you are dead
you might as well be buried
and throw the typewriter away
and stop fooling with
poems horses women life:
you are cluttering up
the exits
so get out fast
and desist from the
precious few

* A word on the quick and modern poem-makers, Charles Bukowski

Dedicado especialmente pra algumas grandes decepções



1. Nathasha - Thursday, September 2, 2010

Isso rende post na Hora do Almoço?

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