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The inspiring fear Sunday, June 27, 2010

Posted by Ágata in Citações.

Are we then creatures of action? Do we say that we desire those accepted clichés of comfort when, in fact, it is the challenge and the adventure that truly give us life?

I must admit, to myself at least, that I do not know.

There is one point that I cannot dispute, though, one truth that will inevitably help me resolve these questions and which places me in a fortunate position, for now […]  my destiny is my own to choose.

I am safer now than ever before […]. The prospects have never looked better for the future, for continued peace and continued security. And yet, I feel mortal. For the first time, I look to what has passed rather than to what is still to come. There is no other way to explain it. I feel that I am dying, that those stories I so desired to share with friends will soon grow stale, with nothing to replace them.

But, I remind myself again, the choice is mine to make.

Porque o dia até merece duas vezes Salvatore.

A gente sempre precisa de um horizonte distante pra buscar, pq ficar parado é a morte…



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