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The Tower Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Posted by Ágata in Textos aleatórios.

I’m gonna break down everything that I don’t like in me.

And I’m gonna rebuilt it the way I will appreciate it most, for my own rejoice.

And I’m gonna find home.

A beautiful and welcoming home.

Because perhaps that’s what I really want. A place to make my own paradise. A safe ground. Altough I don’t know yet what exactly is a “safe ground”. Is it made of words, always so fragile? Or of actions, meaninless? What is safe?

I have to stop being so dramatic (but I don’t believe I will stopp feeling this deep). And I have to stop being this perfectionist and cruel with myself. I have to leran how to surpass the Three of Spades.

And then I will find what is safe within my heart.

In the middle of silence, I shall  find my peace. I shall find the blueprints to whatever I want to built from the ruins of my own old thoughts. And I shall learn… and I shall rest.

Because I will never let myself down. I will never lose.

And, after all, I’m better now :)



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