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Only sometimes Sunday, April 12, 2009

Posted by Ágata in Textos aleatórios.

Sometimes, I think if they still think/care for me as I think/care for them. It was in no way a good ending, not even a decent one, but even so I wish you the best. I guess you hate me, but I hope you don’t. Sometimes I go and try to see how you’re doing now, if everything is allright, if times are tought and if you are running for your dreams as you should do. And I keep thinking if any of you come here and try to do the same. Well, I’m an easy one, to anyone who wants to know ’bout how I’m doing in my life, its relatively simple – I’ve been more discreet lately, but it’s still easy.

And I keep all these stuff – wordpress, fotolog, orkut and etc – just hoping that, even if I don’t know, everyone can still think and care for me as I think and care for so many people, as I do for our old life together.

Things are never the same as they were, and I will pass my whole life trying to learn the better way to deal with changes. But that’s another story.

One day, I hope you’ll understand. One day, I hope you’ll forgive. I just try to do my best at the moment, even if I don’t know exactly how to do so, and even if I found myself wrong so many fucking times.

Happy Easter, to everyone. =]



1. Nathasha - Sunday, April 12, 2009

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